Wanting to touch base with everyone and also a few reminders.

Please please please call us to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you are unwell. We need to keep all our clients and staff safe during this time, so if you are not well then PLEASE call us and we will be more then happy to move your appt 💖


Our reminder messages go out 48 hours prior to your appt. If you fail to ring or text to let us know you wont be able to make it, then unfortunately our cancelation policy will come into effect and there may be a charge for our time we have set aside for you. We have a big wait list of people wanting to get in.


We are all working as much and as safely as we can to still get you all in for fab hair 🌹


On the flip side of that, if we call to reschedule because one of our girls is sick, isolating or waiting for a test then we ask you please be patient with us. We will re-book your hair appointment as soon as safely possible. 

We understand how frustrating it is when we have to move your appointment that you have had booked in for a specific day and time. But please just be patient as we will re-book you into the best time we can find for you.


Its a bit of a wild time for everyone out there and we are just wanting to keep our doors open and everyone as safe as possible 😘


Thanks for understanding, 

The Sabin Girls xx